Tyre change for a vehicle is recommended when:, The legal tread depth is reached: Tread depth is the prime factor associated with the safety of a tire. It is the deepness of the main grooves that cover the circumference of the tyre. Usually new tyres will have a tread depth around 7mm while the legal limit is 1.6mm. Over use most tyres will get tread wear indicators which are hard raised bars at the bottom of each groove. When the tread is level with these bars then the tyre reaches on the legal limit. If the wheel alignment is off wear and tear on tread and tyre will happen soon., Tyres are damaged of any reason: Any internal or external damages to the tyres will cut down its life and you may require a tyre replacement. It can also occur from something minor such as simply driving over a pothole, but the ramifications can be extremely serious. Blisters bulges or splits in the sidewall are also a usual indicators of serious internal tyre damage. More exposure to sunlight also cause cracks to the tyres. Regular checkup pf tyres and careful management of vehicle can increase the life of the tyres., Ordering your car tyres online is easy and straightforward; enter your car detail and we will contact you as soon as possible for get the cheap car tyres to suit your budget and driving style., Find a full range of car tyres from top brands such as Michelin- Continental- Goodyear- Pirelli- Dunlop and Bridgestone. There are thousands of tyres to choose from including run flat, 4x4, all season and winter tyres

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