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Consumers are often overcharged for repairs in a few ways: by marking up part prices well above MSRP, inflating labor times for a given job above industry guidelines, and charging considerably higher labor rates than appropriate for the local market. Vigor Auto Repair Estimator leverages parts and labor data from the same sources used by the automotive industry to calculate pricing. It uses MSRP for parts, industry agreed-upon labor times and local labor rates in a standardized formula so you can be properly informed of the fair price range for a given repair.

For most repair information, the sub-model of the car does not affect the time and parts required to perform a particular repair. For example, a Volkswagen Golf and a Volkswagen GTI share most mechanical and electrical systems. Other examples of this are the Volvo V70 and V70R wagon, the Subaru Impreza and Impreza WRX, and the Mini Cooper and Cooper S. We’ve been very careful to ask you for the right information at the right time—our estimates are customized to your car's engine, transmission, and whether it’s 4WD or 2WD. When a repair is distinctive to a certain model, we will ask you for the information.

Let’s say you live in Abu Dhabi and you are having your radiator replaced at a shop that honors the Repair Price Guarantee. If the Vigor Auto Repair Price Estimate for this service ranges between 459 AED and 687 AED and they quote you a price above 687 AED, the shop agrees to lower the price until it falls within the range.
One thing to keep in mind is that estimates generated by the Vigor Auto Repair Estimator do not include taxes, diagnostic charges, or any additional repairs that may be necessary. Why is this? Because there is no way we can accurately predict every situation in every area.